Basic Benefits of Renting Commercial Real Estate in Sweden

Renting commercial properties in Sweden is a popular option. The market has been on a steady upward trend although some forecasts show that it may slow in a year. Foreign entities are as welcome to rent or buy as national companies which is one reason it is favorable to hyra kommersiella fastigheter i Stockholm.


The growing popularity of renting also has to do with the fact that there are no restrictions when renting. A company or individual can take a leasehold in any legal structure chosen. Limited liability companies, partnerships, and corporations are all welcome.


What most commercial renters enjoy is that there is transparency in each transaction. Companies can hold assets in Sweden as well as buy and rent out property. Renting is made easier with the banking system in the country.


There are a wide variety of properties to rent. These include storefronts, warehouses, storage facilities, office buildings and more. Using online resources, it is possible to search these properties just as one would do for residential real estate.


There is growing competition in renting in big cities, but any individual or corporation can overcome this when employing the help of a professional agency in Sweden. Before you rent, be sure you understand and obtain any particular licenses needed. If you are unable to get the license before taking a leasehold it can delay matters and if you are an overseas company, this can be costly.


Rents are set based on the prevailing market terms. The leases are often for the use of the buildings only but purchases of property include both land and buildings. There is a freedom of contract deal in the country. Many provisions apply to leaseholds as a result.


If you enter as a lessee in an agreement, the lease can only be terminated if the landlord has cause in residential property matters. In commercial leases, they can be terminated without cause. However, the landlord is then obligated to pay the tenant any and all damages.


If you want, you can also establish easements which are rights to use a part of property for certain reasons. If you buy property you can offer these rights to other companies or individuals. Easements have to be established for permanent purposes. This is just an aside but shows that there are more options to Swedish real estate rentals and commercial properties that you may want to consider.


Land and buildings are legally separable. Buildings that are on non-freehold land are movable assets. This means that the ownership of these buildings is governed by laws that are outside of the favorable Swedish Land Code.


The biggest benefit to Swedish real estate is that there are no restrictions to foreign entities. If you are interested in renting commercial property you also do not have to endure the limitations placed on some buildings in other countries. The most favorable method of renting and investing is through a Swedish limited liability company which you can form even as a foreign individual.